DeMarini Bats - Softball & Baseball Bat Sizing Chart

Baseball & Softball Bat Size Chart

bat size chart

Most Popular Lengths By Age:
Age 5-7 8-9 10 11-12 13-14 15-16
Length 24"-26" 26"-28" 28"-29" 30"-31" 31"-32" 32"-33"

How To Choose the Right Bat:
We all know deciding upon the right bat can be a tough decision. My hope is to simplify the process for readers of this site, as much as I can anyways. Looking at the bat size chart above, you'll get a basic idea of the appropriate bat length for your corresponding height and weight. Choosing bat length is actually the easy part. The next step is choosing the proper weight, which of course is a much harder decision. Your ideal bat will feel comfortable and well balanced when you swing it. Basically that means not too heavy, not too light, but comfortable. Selecting a bat that is too heavy bat will result in a slower than natural swing, which results in a bad approach as you hit the ball. On the other hand, swinging a bat that is too light might cause you to open up to fast, which will result in wasted power.

Two popular tests for determining the proper swing weight are below:

1. Take the handle of the bat in your right hand if you’re a right-handed hitter (left hand if you’re a lefty). Point the bat straight out from your side, keeping your arm straight and parallel to the ground. If you can hold the bat like this for about 25 seconds without dropping the barrel, then it's probably a good bat for you. If the barrel drops, the bat is most likely too heavy, and it's recommended to try out a lighter weight.

2. A coach or parent takes the bat at the barrel end and extends it toward the hitter. The hitter places the bat across the palm of his bottom hand with the palm facing upward and then wraps fingers and thumb around the grip in a comfortable position. The coach (parent) then releases the bat. If the hitter cannot control the barrel end of the bat - meaning it drops more than one inch or two - The bat is too heavy, too long, or both. The grip of the bottom hand should be firm, with most of the grip strength coming from the middle two fingers.

When in doubt between two swing weights, it's normally recommended to go with the lighter bat. Never swing a bat that feels even a little overweight, as it will be too hard to control.

Another important factor in selecting your bat is barrel length. In general, a longer barrel length increases the potential hitting surface, and will directly increase good bat-on-ball contact, which will then increase batting average. To put it simply - A longer barrel will get you on base more!

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